You Will Know the Truth – Amanda Nash

You Will Know the Truth – Amanda Nash

In this message from the Women’s Summer Series at Columbus Vineyard, Amanda Nash shares about the importance of living a truthful life.  We live in the Kingdom of God where truth-telling is not a moral decision, it’s a lifestyle. Amanda talks about the importance of investing in a community in order to create a safe place where people can become free from lies, confessing to each other and bringing hope and restoration.  When we stop fearing the consequences, fearing rejection and instead trust each other with the truth, we will experience the fullness of life that Jesus has for us.

Women’s Summer Series 2018 – Amanda Nash from Vineyard Columbus on Vimeo.

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Amanda Nash. Amanda is serving as Pastor in Community Life. She began working at Vineyard Columbus as an intern for Joshua House, our Twenty-Something Community, in 1999. She came on staff full time as Rich Nathan’s research assistant in 2003 and worked with him for three years. After that, she worked on the pastoral staff of Joshua House for two years before leaving with a team from Vineyard Columbus to plant a Vineyard Church in Amsterdam. She and her family lived in Amsterdam for three years before moving back to the U.S. Amanda returned to staff at Vineyard Columbus in 2011 and worked in Women’s Ministry before accepting this new role. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and English Literature from Otterbein and graduated from Vineyard Leadership Institute in 2005. She is currently working on her Master of Divinity degree.

She and her husband John got married in 2003. They have three kids: Grayson, Grant, and Ruby.