Finding My Calling As a Woman Church Planter

Finding My Calling As a Woman Church Planter

Finding calling is difficult. For this conversation, we gathered women church planters to hear their stories of finding and living out their callings. We provide practical resources and next steps for women feeling called to plant churches and men who are mentoring women planters to be sent out.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What the discernment process looks like for church planters
    Tools for self-awareness
    The different competencies for church planters and pastors

“You have to lead as who you are” —Trish Ryan

“Part of the discernment process is listening to what other people say as well. Sometimes we think we know, but other people might see some of the things we don’t see.” —Chalane Coit


6:26 What the discernment process looked like for our panelists
23:30 Competencies for church planters versus pastors
31:19 Tools for gaining self-awareness
37:11 Helpful training options
46:03 Bivocational planting
51:29 Motherhood and church planting
54:54 When is it the right time to plant

Next Steps:

For those discerning their call:

  1. “Are you Called to be a Church Planter?” 10 questions
  2. Multiply Vineyard Discover Online Courses —Free, self-paced, mini-courses to clarify your calling
  3. Church Planter Candidate Assessment (CPCA)

For church planters:

  1. MV Church Planter Discernment Process
  2. Church Planter Candidate Assessment (CPCA)
  3. Multiply Vineyard Church Planter Application


Book Recommendations from our Panel
Using the Enneagram to Clarify Your Calling Webinar Recording
VUSA Women in Ministry Booklet
Raising Up Women Leaders Webinar Recording
Coast Vineyard Sermon on Approach to Theologically Engaging Ethical Questions
Vineyard Women in Leadership Network’s 2014 conference talk on mentoring Across Genders
“Women in Leadership: How to Decide what the Bible Teaches” Paper by Rich Nathan
Why Vineyard Columbus Encourages Women to Preach, Pastor, and Plant by Rich Nathan


Cathy Chester, Senior Pastor, Carolina Coast Vineyard Church, Carolina Coast, NC
Kathy Maskell, Pastor of Discipleship, Blue Route Vineyard Community Church, Media, PA
Chalane Coit, Senior Pastor, Vineyard Community Church, Grand Junction, CO
Trish Ryan, Co-Founder of Greenhouse Mission Vineyard Church, Cambridge, MA