Living Generously – Leah Wenger

Living Generously – Leah Wenger

There is so much freedom when we trust God with our finances.  In her message Living Generously, Leah Wenger unpacks the two sides of living in freedom in relation to money; Generosity and Stewardship.  She shares her personal story of God freeing her from a poverty mindset, not bound my fear and shame, and opening her up to live generously and steward all He has given her. “God’s great plan is that He wants to enter into a trust relationship with you when it comes to your money.”

Live Generously

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Leah Wenger has served as a staff pastor for over 10 years at The Vineyard Church of Central IL.  From youth ministry, to planting a multi-site church- she’s experienced it all.   Leah is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Vineyard Leadership Institute and School of Kingdom Ministry and is most passionate about creating a healthy stewardship culture and raising up leaders of leaders.

She has been married to her husband Ben for 13 years and has three awesome (exhausting) kids; Cohen (8), Claire (6) and Gia (4).  In her spare time, she loves to preach, play the guitar, travel and drink