When any leader is in the process of learning to lead and learning to preach, they face a steep learning curve.  As more and more churches give equal speaking opportunity to both men and women, training and resources are needed to build skill and confidence.

Below is our list of resources for women in preaching and the egalitarian church.


  • Truth’s Table  – Women from the Reform tradition talking about many church issues. We recommend the episode  “Why Church?”
  • SermonSmith – SermonSmith is a bi-monthly conversation dedicated to the craft of sermon preparation. It is a celebration of the rhythms, workflows, tools, and prayers used by those who engage in this sacred art on a regular basis.
  • The Sermon Studio – A podcast dedicated to the art and craft of preaching.





  • Junia Project  –  A  volunteer community of women and men advocating for the inclusion of women in leadership in the Christian church.
  • She Loves Magazine – A global community of Women who Love.
Vineyard USA developed a booklet entitled One In Christ: Men & Women Together In Ministry, that lays out our theological view celebrating women in ministry.  Focusing on women in leadership, and on the relationship of men and women working together in ministry, this booklet explains the Vineyard’s approach to celebrating the call of women as leaders in the Body of Christ.