Anabeth Morgan- The Romans 16 Woman

Anabeth Morgan- The Romans 16 Woman

Pastor Anabeth Morgan takes us through Romans 16:1-16 and speaks about what it means to be a Romans 16 woman but also about women in leadership today.

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  • When women lean fully into how God made them it blesses not only their house, it blesses the church of Jesus Christ.


Anabeth MorganAnabeth Morgan is the Worship Pastor for the Mile High Vineyard. Originally from a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee, Anabeth has always loved the church. It was within the walls of the Vineyard Church in Kansas City, MO that she began to feel God tugging on her heart to lead others in worship. With the help of wonderful leaders and friends, she began her journey in worship leading. Her heart is to see God’s Kingdom come to earth so that people would be healed, set free, changed and moved to say “Yes!” to Jesus. She joined the Mile High Vineyard staff in 2011.