Cultivating a Community of Praise and Prayer – Sally Sims

Cultivating a Community of Praise and Prayer – Sally Sims

Sally Sims shares a powerful message about “Cultivating A Community Of Praise And Prayer”.  Using stories from scripture and her own life, Sally shares how important and life-giving it is to praise God in all situations and in a variety of different ways.  Whether you’re in a large group or having one on one time with God, or whether you’re in a battle or even lamenting, their is always a place for praise and prayer. “God doesn’t need our praise and prayer, but praise and prayer are critical for relationship with Him.”

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QUOTE for graphic: “If praise for God is on your lips, there are other things that cannot be…like complaining, gossip, and condescending judgments of others.” Sally Sims


Sally Sims. Sally is a speaker, leader, writer, healthcare professional, wife, and mother.  She is passionate about encouraging and equipping people to live and work with purpose.  Sally is on the preaching team at the Inverness Vineyard in Birmingham, Alabama.