Wild Good Chase – Tiffany Myers

Wild Good Chase – Tiffany Myers

From a sermon series at The Vineyard Church of Fort Myers called, “Wild Goose Chase”.
Tiffany Myers shares how she defines the Holy Spirit- identifying how he impacts our lives by way of Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit. We also looked at how we risk giving the enemy a foothold and our ability to grieve the Spirit when we sin. Tiffany shares a personal testimony and a couple of metaphors with the mangrove tree and Tom Petty’s “I won’t back down” song lyrics.


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Tiffany Myers.  Born, raised and still here worshipping and working in Fort Myers Fl. I am a Gator grad from the University of Florida with a bachelors in Broadcast Journalism. I was aced at an early age but view my sanctification process advancing greatly through the ministry of YoungLife in High School. I was spared a wild college experience thanks to the loving ministry of a small church in Gainesville. The only Protestant Christian Church that the University allowed to meet on campus which meant we met in the Chemistry lab building. Nothing like praising Jesus and looking at a giant periodic table at the same time! Today, my husband of 12 years and I are busy working and raising our one precious 8 year old daughter.

Thanks to that small church in Gainesville and the Vineyard of Fort Myers I have been given gracious amount of leadership opportunities. Gary and Cathy Smith have been my faithful pastors for the last 12 years! God bless them for taking a chance on a sinner like me! They are the closest thing to family as I can see it! They truly embody John Wimber’s Message that EVERYONE gets to play!